Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Great Deal that Wasn't

We left Rock Hall this morning, got fuel at Annapolis Landing Marina, and then headed for Eastport Yacht Club just across the bridge from Annapolis.  We thought we'd found an incredible deal -- $1/foot including electric at the yacht club with the reciprocity from the MTOA registration on Yacht Clubs of America.  It turns out that the deal was good, but the electric didn't work for us.  They cater to mostly smaller boats, and while we did tie up at a dock with 50 amp electric  -- it's only 125 volts wheras we use 250 volts.  We didn't have a cord that would hook up, and we wanted air conditioning, so we decided to leave.  Too bad... $1/foot including electric is half price in Annapolis.  We're now in "ego alley"  for $2/foot plus $15 electric...right in the heart of Annapolis... not a bad place to be! 

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