Friday, June 11, 2010

Where are the Flies?

Today's cruise was about 8 hours from Golden Isles Marina on St.Simons Island to Kilkenny Marina south of Savannah.  Lovely day until we were about 30 minutes out from our destination where we ran into a t-storm.  Fortunatlely, it was quite a tame storm - some lightening, moderate rain for a short time, but no wind.  We were afraid that the Georgia biting flies would be swarming, but so far there have only been a few.  Of course, those few managed to bite both of us! 

Kilkenny Marina is truly "Deliverance" country in the Georgia marshes.  The docks are as rickety as some of the finger piers on Dock B and we said a prayer when Norm plugged into exposed electric outlet.  Still, the people are very nice as they are pretty much anywhere.  It's a great country and we're happy to once again be seeing a beautiful slice of it as we travel north.

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