Thursday, June 10, 2010

No Problem Finding Dockage

Well, we're having no problem finding dockage because everyone leaves Florida in the summer...  and we've discovered why -- it'a stinking hot with temps in the 90s and humidity at 80%.  Anchoring would be a prescription for no sleep, so we're tied to land every night.  After Titusville, we spent a night at Pete and Lil Satterlee's dock in New Smyrna Beach.  They were in the Bahamas, but had given us the go-ahead to use their dock.  We taxied to the movie theater to see Prince of Persia which was a fun action romp.  Tuesday night was the St. Augustine City Dock.  Yesterday at Fernandina Beach Municipal Marina we celebrated Norm's birthday at Luigi's with linguini and clams in white sauce (Norm) and lasagna (Vicki).  Both meals were excellent and we dined al fresco which was delightful.  We arrived about noon today at Golden Isles Marina near Brunswick GA, used the courtesy car for a run to the grocery store, then Vicki spent a couple hours doing laundry at the marina laundry facility.  She decided not to do laundry onboard thinking that it's not a good idea to operate our washer and dryer in the 100-degree heat in the engine room -- they're really not designed to operate in that heat, and replacing them would be a major, major headache. 

We're getting back into the swing of using the blog after sitting still in Tampa for the winter -- we'll try to update every few days.

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