Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Winter Home!!

Today's route and location:  Apollo Beach, FL

We had a great cruise today through Sarasota Bay and Tampa Bay.  It's supposed to turn "ugly" tomorrow with high winds and lots of rain.  So, we arrived today to miss that--ugh!!  Surprising! We were in a major shipping channel near three major cities and one major port and we did not see any commercial vessels--only a few private fishermen.  Have we lost everything?

We'll be docked here at a friends place for some maintenance; then, if necessary we'll be moving over to a marina just a short distance away.  (Our friend may have another boat coming in for some work.  As you can tell, he works right out of his back yard.)  Anyway, Apollo Beach is were Tide Hiker will be for the remainder of the winter.  Apollo Beach is on the Eastern shore of  Tampa Bay south of Tampa and north of Bradenton.

Vicki will be flying to Tucson to visit her mom next week and Norm will be "batching it" while getting some needed projects completed.  He will also be visiting friends and family living in the area.

More later............

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