Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ahhhhh! The detox continues...

We're anchored in Useppa Island Anchorage.  Here's today's route and location. 

Ft Myers to Useppa Is. Anchorage

This spot is about 15 miles north of Ft Myers Beach on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.  Our 46 mile run today was longer than expected.  We forgot about all the Manatee Zones, which require us to cruise at slow or idle speed between Nov 1 and March 1.  Anyway, we're anchored, it is a great evening, and the sunset is spectacular.  And, just as we were reviewing the charts for tomorrow's trip to Venice we were treated to a wonderful surprise visit from Bob and Barbara Dein (Gondola) out for a dinghy ride.  (They are docked in Useppa's Marina).  We're already planning a pizza dinner tomorrow night at Venice, they're home port.

Yesterday, the dock/campground managers insisted we move some boats to make room for a BIG boat coming in.  The owner of the BIG boat demanded no one be in his reserved slip or else......
So, Roberto took charge and figured out how the seven of us could rearrange ourselves to accomodate the BIG boat.  We had a combination of trawlers and sailboats.  So, we had to squeeze another boat into the slip next to us.  We had a few inches to spare.  See?

Tide Hiker is on the left.

Guess what?  The Big boat never showed up!!!!!!!  We still had to get everyone there this morning to help us slide Tide Hiker out.  Everyone was responsible for bringing a jar of vaseline and we slid out like a....... well nevermind!

Except for the slooooooness today, the ride was wonderful.  Lots of dolphin playing in our bow; lots of coots, osprey, pelican's and other winged wildlife "buzzing" our boat; and, comfortably cool temps and sun all day with only a light breeze. We are blessed!!

BUT, we already miss our friends remaining at the Franklin Locks.  They're staying a few more days.  (We had to depart to make sure Vicki makes her flight out of Tampa to Tucson early next week.)  Norm will be batching it for a week.  Don't be too long getting over here, guys.

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