Friday, December 11, 2009

Going Back Jacksonville, FL

Our route and location today: Jacksonville, FL

We had a 15-20 MPH head wind today and 90% clouds--bleak.  But we timed the currents right and had a good push in spite of the winds.  The currents really rip through this lower St John's River and we were expecting a tough docking situation at Jacksonville.  But, as I said, we timed it right and arrived here at slack tide.  "Piece-o-cake"!!  Our Nobletec system has a fantastic application for currents, telling us slack and the current at any time of day for many places -it's been a very valuable piece of software for "Navigreator" Vicki.

Two hours after we arrived here in Jacksonville, a very nice woman came to our boat and said that she was from "Haskell Marine" and she had the motor part we ordered.  Is that service or what?  The part was only $4.50 and they still delivered it to our dock.  So, if you are ever in Jacksonville, FL and need parts we highly recommend Buddy Haskell's shop.  Tell em Norm and Vicki aboard Tide Hiker sent ya!!

Jacksonville Landing is an indoor/outdoor restaurant haven--right downtown.  There's so many different types of food available you would have to be here a month to eat at them all.   And, I'm not talking fast food, although there is also a food court up on the second level.  There's also a honky tonk and an upscale discoteque (sp?), both with live bands. So, it might be a bit noisy here tonight.

We are at the city's free floating dock.  We can stay here for 72 hours; which is good, because the weather is predicted to get a bit gnarly tomorrow and Sunday.  No services here (electricity or water).  So we will have to run the generator for battery maintenance and we'll have to conserve our water.  Even still, the 15th annual 100-member tuba orchestra will be doing their Christmas show tomorrow here at the landing.  Until then, it's Sushi tonight!!

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