Friday, December 11, 2009

Home Sweet Home for the Holidays.....

Good news! Norm will fix the dinghy after we get the $4.50 part in Jacksonville, our next stop. So, a replacement motor is not necessary Unfortunately, though, we had to put her in the garage until it's fixed and couldn't continue our alligator hunting on the St John's River. No new shoes for Norm or purse for Vicki this year.

So, we decided to go home. We reversed our route and cruised North, downstream, from Welaka, past Palatka to GREEN COVE SPRINGS. Our journey today: Home for (some of) the Holidays

We're at the Reynolds Park Yacht Center.

A bit bleak, but functional and the price is very right including water and electricity. More importantly, the folks here are very nice and have been awesomely helpful. They drove us round trip over to St Brendan's Isle, our "old homestead".

We arrived home today--Green Cove Springs, FL. The place looks the same with a couple of newer homes on the block--some bigger and some smaller. Come on in....

As you can see, the neighborhood is a bit dense. We don't know too many neighbors because we all travel so much. So, when we are home, it's nice and quite. There's Doreen, our mayor.

There it is--our home! She's an architecturally award-winning high rise beauty. But, we couldn't afford to be on one of the higher floors. If you are interested in the servises offered by St Brendan's Isle, check them out at:

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