Saturday, May 2, 2009

We're Finally Relaxed!

The Bahamas did it to us... made us relax and play. The work aspect of boating has shrunk to a miniscule part of the day. Yes, toilet Tuesdays still occur and occasionally the vaccuum sucks the salt and sand out of the rugs, but the screeen for the forward hatch that I started making in Key
Biscayne sits unfinished.

A typical day starts at 8:00 when Vicki records the weather as it's broadcast over the VHF. Norm is still snoozing or reading in bed. Leisurely brekfast and coffee while chatting on the VHF with our boat buddies about the plans for the day. Turn on the generator for an hour to recharge the batteries, run the dishwasher, coffee maker, garbage disposal, or occasionally do a load of laundry. Norm may be reading or writing a blog to upload when we have WIFI or charting the course to our next destination.

Sometime between 10 and 1:00 we're in the dinghy and out for an adventure. It may be snorkeling, beach dwelling, hiking, body surfing, exploring tidal flats, shelling, or any combination. When near civilization, the focus may be getting on the computer, having lunch, buying a few perishable groceries, getting some new reads at the local book exchange, or any combination.

We're usually back at the boat by 4 pm. Showers and dinner prep. Since we've been hanging with 4-5 other DeFever boats, dinner is often a group affair on someone's boat or on the beach. Sometimes we play a game after dinner or, if on a beach, build a bonfire. About 2-3 times a week, Norm and I have dinner by ourselves aboard Tide Hiker followed by a DVD, game, or reading.

As the advertising jingle says, "It's better in the Bahamas." It's fabulous to unlearn filling one's day with work and relearn relaxation and play.

An update on our fellow cruisers:
Lynnie's finger is healing nicely - no signs of infection at all.
Gypsies' engine mount has been repaired and they're cruising at full speed again.

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