Monday, April 27, 2009

Body Surfing and more.......

We have never experienced winds that were so strong and lasted so long. It’s a constant 20-25 mph and gusts to 30 for almost 2 weeks. I wonder how much stress this 65,000lb boat is putting on the mooring lines in such winds. Seems to be holding, so C’est La Vie.

Let’s see, we could sit on our hands and whine about the wind, or we could go and play in it. Lynnie was tending to her injury, Stephanie was relaxing with a book and Doug and Tammy were sunbathing on the closest beach. Vicki, Norm, Bob, Colleen and John dinked over to “Rachel’s Bubble Bath”—a natural foamy briny bathtub carved out by tides and currents. Unfortunately, we only made it half way. The seas were too rough for our dinghies so we did 360’s and instead, headed for Honeymoon Beach. What a treasure. Honeymoon beach is long, deep, protected and very sandy (no coral or shells). And, the bonus is that the waves were pounding the beach. Soooooo, its body surfing time!! What a treat! So, the “geezers” (speaking for myself) body surfed. This was just what we needed. The waves were high and powerful. We got long rides on top of the waves. We had to do everything we could do to keep our bathing suits on—the surf was that strong.

Please come back to this posting again. More pics will be uploaded as we get them from our friends on Gypsies.

Of course the tide when out while we were playing. So we had to man-handle the dinks back into the water after the tide went out.

We were not done for the day, though. We dinked over to the Sand Flats--an island that is exposed at low tide. We explored this miniature aquatic sea-live-atlantis and found numerous plant and animal life that one would not see otherwise. We saw Heart Urchins, living Sand Dollars (and dead ones), Tunicates, Bivalves, Pen shells, King Helmet Snails, Conks, Zoanthids, Sponges, Tube Dwelling Anemones. (Impressed? We have a book and looked for the pictures of what we saw!)

There were many souvenirs, but, we respected the park rules prohibiting us from removing anything. We’ll sleep well tonight, if our boat surfing (rocking and rolling) does not keep us up.

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