Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On our Way Home

We finally had a break in the weather and departed Nassau on Monday May 25 after 12 days. The day before though, Vicki told Norm he needed a haircut. So she did the deed.

We cruised up the Tounge of the Ocean to Chub Cay Anchorage. What a mistake. We were Rolly Polly so much we could not stand it. So, we went into Chub Cay Club Marina and paid the exorbinant prices there for a good night's sleep. My guess is that we were spoiled in Nassau and not quite ready for a rolly polly night on the hook. Anyway, we did get a good night's sleep and was ready at 7AM on Tuesday for the long 87 mile trek across the Great Bahama Bank to Bimini. We arrived Bimini Sands Marina late afternoon.

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