Saturday, May 23, 2009

Anemometer Envy Too.

Still stranded in Nassau. Rick recorded 55 MPH gusts the other day on his anemometer. We don't have one of those. So, in addition to dinghy davit and dinghy motor envy we also lust after Rick's wind speed indicator. All sail boaters have these so they an measure the wind against their sails. We don't have sails, (and don't want any) but we do want the device that tells us how the wind would affect our sails if we had them. Or, maybe it's better not knowing?

We tried to find trouble in Nassau the other day in between rain drops and gale force winds. Went to lunch at the Bamahan Kitchen--Very good! Then we just walked around the touristy areas and purchased some gifts for the kids and

grandkids. Vicki and Lynnie bought some movies at the straw market knowing we will be here a while. $5 per movie.

Yesterday, we put our bathing suits on, grabbed our beach gear and walked up to the pool for a dip and a couple of hours of reading. About 30 minutes into our lazy day, it poured rain. We had to rush back to the boat and read our books inside. This is getting OLD!

Today we're thinking about touring the Bacardi Distillery and it might also be a double feature movie day. Its still rainy and windy--that's 10 days in a row.

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