Saturday, June 7, 2008

Top Ten List of What We'll Miss About Dock B

By popular demand, here's the Top Ten (actually 11) list that we shared at the Bon Voyage Party.
#11. Saturday morning water fill-ups and jockeying for position.
#10. The joy of checking off items on the perpetual 100-item list of things that have to get done before we take off cruising.
#9. The Naughton "aid society" that supplied us with latex gloves (Nancy), took Vicki to get rental cars (Lisa, Mike), gave interior decorating advice (Denise, Fran, Mike), made curtains and bedding (Fran), loaned a burner (Bob and Denise), a powercord (Mike), a workshop (Captain Ron), a boat (Roger and Lisa), provided the dock B surgicenter and follow-up house calls for Norm's stiches (Jerry), toted Norm to get the freezer (Mike), held the flashlight while Vicki polished brass after dark (Nancy), our secret weapon for boat remodeling (master crafsman Ron), and Vicki's fabulous support system at work (Pat and Dottie).
#8. Commiserating about the ghetto boards and sink-holes on the dock and the tippy finger piers.
#7. Friday night (or any night) gatherings at the marina restaurant or on the dock, and dancing to JT's music.
#6. The joys of winter - making the dock snowman, ambusshing neighbors with snowballs, oil heaters, ice rugs, stabilicers, scraping the car, and the ever-popular midnight swim.
#5. In a very twisted way, we'll miss Bob bragging about passing us in his sailboat!
#4. Everyone truning out to assist when the boat leaves and returns - without looking for a dockhand tip.
#3. Unique shrinkwrap configurations - it's doubtful that we'll ever again see the mutant shrinkwrap designs of the diaper and the condom-minium.
#2. Vicki will miss terrorizing the dock neighbors with the medical uses of a safety pin.
#1. (drum roll here) Our dock B community --knocking on our door, stopping by for a chat, or just waving as you pass by. We'll miss the tremendous sense of friendship and connectedness.

We'll reconnect in person in the fall. Meanwhile, keep those emails and phone calls coming!

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