Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cruise Day 2 - Victory Over Cold Quiche

Yesterday's trek from Cap May to Atlantic City was lovely. The seas were a bit choppy, so Vicki was on the edge of seasickness - or was it just a ploy to finagle a box of ginger snaps from Robin? (Ginger is a remedy for seasickness.) Vic downed a preventative pill this morning because today's journey from Atlantic City to Sandy Hook is a long one - 12 hours - so we're taking no chances of ending up like dock neighbor Lisa with a Dorito bag filled with something other than Doritos. (Ick, I know - sorry.)

Thinking that quiche might settle her stomach (?), and being unable to use the microwave while underway (see yesterday's entry), Vicki ate cold ham and artichoke quiche for lunch. It's not bad, really, but not good enough to forego the microwave long term. So, after anchoring yesterday at about 2:00, Norm called the inverter folks and discovered that the inverter was providing plenty of electricity, but the alarm needed to be changed to a more appropriate setting. Norm took care of that and this morning we had microwaved oatmeal and coffee for breakfast while underway.

Yesterday's anchorage was Plum Point just off the Absecon Inlet in Atlantic City. A peaceful pond with an inlet that, according to the charts, looked like it would be hazardous to a row boat. But Jim and Robin's secret sources of maritime knowledge had informed them that we could pass. We're bribing them with wine to divulge those secret sources and finding them pretty easy to persuade. The lights of the Atlantic City casinos about a mile away were quite a cool sight after dark.

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