Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One is the Loneliest Number

Sometimes, even when you are traveling with other boats, you seem so insignificant and alone in a giant sea. Its a combination of peaceful hours sometimes separated by seconds of shear panic, as the saying goes. Left, is a shot of Adventures, just a bottle cork in the wide ocean as we both headed to Plymouth, MA. On the right is another shot of Adventures on our cruise today from Plymouth, MA to Gloucester, MA. A world (or seconds) apart? (Be sure to double click on pic to expand it.)

We recently read a summary of the cruising grounds north of Cape Cod. It was described as Cape Cod Bay or "THE NORTH ALTANTIC". We've been very watchful of the tides, currents and weather in this unforgiving cruising grounds. We arrived Gloucester with intentions of dinghying over to town to have a beer at "The Crows Nest", (home of the characters in "The Perfect Storm") but thunderstorms kept us on board. That was ok, though, because we were a bit tired from today's fog-induced-stress. Instead we had a nice quiet evening aboard---watching the lightning. Again, moments and seconds!!

Before we departed Plymouth Harbour, we had to go to the Town dock to fill our tanks with water. With the 10-foot tides (and we arrived at the dock just before low tide), Vicki had to climb a ladder from our 9-foot bow to get to the office and water valve.

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