Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Few Things We've Learned

Friend Cindy suggested that we report a few of the things we’ve learned. So, here goes…not deeply insightful, but important stuff…

1. Sprinkling seasonings in the galley with the window open while underway results in seasonings on the sofa.

2. Shaving with the wind blowing in the bathroom window results in a whisker cloud wafting through the bedroom. (same principle as above)

3. Leaving a folder of papers in the pilot house with the pilot house doors open and the door to the bridge open will result in papers being deposited at various ocean latitudes, the galley, the living room, and the back porch. (same principle as above – we’re obviously not very quick learners)

4. Don’t put your fingers between the boat and anything that could pinch it.

5. Wear gloves when handling lines that have been in the water (e.g. mooring lines) because a. they may be slimy, b. there may be stinging creatures lounging on the line, c. they could ruin your manicure, and d. if pinched between the boat and line, fingers may slip out more easily if gloved (assuming the previous lesson wasn’t learned).

6. Holding the steering wheel steady doesn’t guarantee a straight path (wind, currents). [Yes, this was actually a learning for one of us.]

7. Only certain radio channels are designated for recreational boat use. [See previous comment.]

8. Thunderstorms are scarier in a boat than in a house.

9. ‘Green bags’ (which absorb gases from fruits and vegetables to extend their shelf life) actually hasten rotting when used with certain foods – tomatoes mold and onions rot.

10. The first rule of weather forecasting and navigating is “look out the window”.

11. There is never only one crab trap or lobster pot – they live in communities.

12. The toothpick rule: anything with a toothpick in it counts as an appetizer. (This alleviates the pressure to plan and prepare fancy stuff.) And the corollary to the toothpick rule: the number of toothpicks consumed is highly correlated with the number of hours required on the stair-stepper (aka torture machine).

13. Cruising attracts dust. It’s like a dust bomb went off on the inside of this boat in spite of weekly cleaning. We’re not sure why and will entertain all theories – bring ‘em on. (and no smarty-pants comments about seasonings and whiskers allowed)

We're now in York, Maine in a teeny-weeny marina at a slip. Having dinner tonight with friends from Kennebunkport... will tell you more tomorrow... gotta go shower now.

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