Monday, June 20, 2011

Northern Alabama is Beautiful

Our last blog displayed a couple video's of Tide Hiker locking up in an 83-ft Lock.  Here are some more in the very next 93-foot Wilson Lock.  Some different views show spectacular construction.  Hope you enjoy the ride:

Gates Closing in the Wilson 93-foot Lock

A Video walk up the wall of the 93-foot Wilson Lock

Check it out...112 feet INSIDE THE LOCK!!!

Last night we were at Bay Hill Marina in who-knows-where Alabama.  It's west of Decatur - that's what we know.  While the people were very nice we thought the marina was a bit of a scruffy place with a few randomly placed cletes.  We tied to the uprights supporting the roof.  Probably not a good place for a 65,000 lb. boat in storms-- fortunately the weather was clear.  We spent the afternoon at the pool, reading in the shade in 101 degree heat index and taking the occasional dip in the very refreshing pool for relief.  Our dock was near the public ramp.

We thought this was an unusual boat tow vehicle.

Today's cruise (in zero % probability of storms, much to Vicki's relief) was to Ditto Landing Marina just south of Huntsville AL.  The US Army's Redstone Arsenal and the Marshall Space Center is nearby.  We can hear the explosions every once in a while and feel the vibrations. Very nice marina with great docks. No courtesy car here, so we rested and caught up on in-boat stuff out of the 97 degrees outside. 

What an incredibly beautiful place is northern Alabama.  We are in eyesight of the low mountains in the area.  Trees and hills are everywhere.  Our cruise on the wide river is gorgeous.

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