Monday, June 13, 2011

Ahhhhh, air conditioning....

The goal of this journey at this point is to "hot dog" it to a marina where we can hook up to electricity and run our AC.  These 95-97-degree afternoons with high chance of thunderstorms have turned us into real "weenies". We feel like shedding down to our skivvies but we're not even "Hebrew Nationals" from NY.  "Frank"ly, we're OK with the heat and storms in the afternoon, because we can run fast, like the "sausage guys" at Milwaukee Brewers Games.

Here's our course since we last reported it:

Gulf Shores, AL to Columbus, MS

Vicki has not fallen into any holds since the last time, even though we have gone through 3-4 more locks.  Hence, her physical status is good.  Dr Naughton does periodic "medical" exams and reports good progress.  Only a few skin hematomas.  We arrived in Columbus, MS yesterday after going in and out of Alabama and Mississippi a few times.  We transited two locks yesterday and both were waiting for us with the gates open when we arrived.  No wait.  Maybe it's good to be late in the season.  So, the day went really fast.

Today, we used the Marina's courtesy car and  did some shopping.  We needed more 95-degree light weight, sweat wicking, sun blocking clothes.

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