Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I say, I say, hold on folks. Sarasota may not be it................

It was a short 4.5-hour cruise up the GICW (Gulf Intracoastal Waterway) to St Petersburg, FL.  Our first stop was to Salt Creek Marina for some preventive maintenance requiring Tide Hiker to be lifted out of the water. So after Tide Hiker was hauled, the bottom was pressure washed and she was blocked, we rented a car and drove over to Apollo Beach to spend the night with our friends, Ron and Charma Owens. It was Wednesday and that means happy hour at Circles Tiki Bar.  We had a great time getting reacquainted with Ron and Charma's friends whom we met last year.

Norm, Vicki, Ron, Charma and friends at Circles Tiki Bar

Charma, Ron and Vicki at Apollo Beach home

The next morning,  Ron, the "much-in-demand-Defever-guru" on the west coast of Florida helped Norm.  More acurately, Norm helped Ron change the seals on the stabilizer fin shafts.  They also replaced all the zinc's attached to metal parts under the water.  (The zincs are sacrificial.  That is, they are there to take the galvanization attacks common in salt water, thereby preventing the galvanization of the more critical parts--propeller shafts, rudders, etc.)  Anyway, they got it all done in 1/2 day.  We then relaunched Tide Hiker and moved her over to the St Pete Municipal Marina.  Ron joined Norm there, and they changed out the engine impellers--more preventative maintenance.  Thanks Ron and Charma for your help, your hospitality and most especially, your friendship.

It was time to explore St Pete--our next possible permanent retirement location. Vicki says St Pete has a good vibe for her.  Norm is more apprehensive at this point, still very much liking Sarasota.  We have been walking our feet off getting to know the city and the bay front. This is WORK!!

Our friend Roger had an interview for a jo---, jo---, jo---, I just can't say it, the next morning.  So he and his wife and our friend, Lisa, drove up from Cape Coral to spend the night with us. I say fortunately, because they were a friendly respite from all the city exploring we have been doing.  So, it was late lunch with martini's.  Vicki and Lisa went for a pedicure and Rog and Norm found the nearest bay-front watering hole and, well, you know....

 More later..................

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