Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm Writing The Tourist Board!

Our current location:  Harborage Marina--Stuart, FL

Take a look at the ice on the transom of September Song.  (See their recent blog).  It's forcasted to be 33 degrees F tonight and a slight chance of flurries.  We want our money back.  None of the Florida travel brochures talk of this.  The convention and visitor's bureau will hear about this in a strongly worded letter!!!!
Even with the cold temps, though, there is still beauty around us....

  That is, if you're not the meal.

Poor little fishy!

So, to warm up we put our happy feet to work to 70's-80's oldies played by the DJ at Wahoo's. Of course this was after a couple happy hour 2-for-1 toddy's and a big plate of free roast beef sliders.  If we could just get further south--like Belize!

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