Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tilghman Island and the Lost Pooch

We stayed at Tilghman on the Chesapeake for two days, a lovely marina for a nice housing development.  Great pool - finally cool water - especially good since it was 102-degrees.  Our days were like this - walk/run in the morning after getting up late, poolside for the afternoon, lounge on the boat watching movies in the evening.  Very relaxing.  The first day we walked to Knapps Narrows.  Not much on the island.  A lovely cafe "Two if by sea" is just outside the housing development and Harrison's Crab House is about a half-mile away -- we could hear their entertainment from the boat.  That's about it for Tilghman Island.

The second day, we went for a run/walk and a young black lab joined us.  He had a collar with his name "Clyde" and phone number and was looking in every culvert for water.  We figured he was lost.  After explaining the situation to another walker in the neighborhood, she pointed us to a house that would help us by calling the phone number  - they did and the owner came to claim the pooch.  (Stephanie will be so proud of us good samaritans.)

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