Thursday, July 1, 2010

Roger and Lisa and the Big Car Carrier

We're anchored in Trippe Creek off the Tred Avon River north of Cambridge MD with friends from Dock B--  Roger on C-Venture (Lisa is at work in Delaware - the poor woman) and Mike and Fran on Dauntless.  Went into Oxford today and celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary at the Robert Morris Inn - we all had crab cakes which were fabulous.  Norm and I took home a chocolate carrot cake because we'd never seen it on a menu before - sampled it when we got back to the boat and it is scrumptious!  We felt lucky to get a good meal because we'd all been in Cambridge at the Cambridge Yacht Club for a couple days during which we ate out four times with not-so-hot experiences each time.

Roger and Lisa had a harrowing experience on the way to Cambridge.  They left Summit North Marina on a pitch dark night to go a ways and anchor at Still Pond.  After emerging from the C&D Canal, Rog noticed that his dinghy was loose, paused in the middle of the channel to fix it while Lisa held the boat in the middle of the channel.  While securing the dinghy, Rog looked up and saw a light, looked around and saw another light quite a ways away from the first, indicating that there was a ship bearing down on them and it was VERY CLOSE.   He raced to the helm, powered to the side of the channel and the giant car carrier passed them no further away than you would be to a train if you were stopped at the railroad crossing (Need I way that the car carrier is about a zillion times bigger than a train and would run you over without even feeling it?)  Fortunately, they got out of it's way.  Unfortunately, they caught its wake (big wake) on their beam  - Lisa thought the boat was going to swamp - it didn't, but lots of stuff was thrown to and fro --- except the rum which remained upright on the counter!  We are truly thankful that they're still with us.    

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