Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pictures we missed. Enjoy.

Norm is showing off the neat birthday card he received from his grandsons, Jake and Evan.  Coooool, huh?

While anchoring in the Tred Avon River, we HAD to go to the Robert Morris Inn and try the crabcakes that James Mitchner made famous.   So, Mike, Fran, Roger Vicki and Norm dingyed over to Oxford.  Unfortunately, Roger's mate, Lisa, had to return to work that day.  The crabcakes were fantastic and we all raved about them--only to find out upon our departure, that the restaurant was under new ownership and the crabcake recipie was not the "world famous" recipie that James Mitchner enjoyed.  Oh well, they were great in our minds--and on our tounges.

Not to be outdone by the "Inn", we decided to find our own crabs.  So, we broke out the chicken necks, rods and reels and began to crab off Mike and Fran's boat, Dauntless.  We were very sucessful. 

Fran and Mike steamed them up in this steamer and got the mallets out for "slammin" those shells.

Mike, Fran and Norm picked until their stomachs were full. (Vicki does not like to pick crab.) Vicki added cole slaw and another side and we were "a-feastin".  Unfortunately, Rober had to anchor up and depart for Baltimore to be with family.  Too bad Rog, you missed a great fresh crab lunch.

After sad goodbyes to Mike, Fran and Roger, we were off to Harrington Harbor, North, MD to visit with Ed and Connie Dooley.  Of course a couple of meals were had and Ed and Connie gave us the tour of Chesapeake Beach and Deale, MD, very nice towns with tons of boats and boaters.  Thanks Ed and Connie--we're looking forward to catching up again with you later this year.  You can see what I mean about the number of boats.  See the video below.

Ciao for now.

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