Friday, December 4, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day!

Todays route and location:
Fernandina Beach, FL (Yes, Florida!)

We're a day behind schedule.  We fueled up at Ocean Petro in Brunswick.  They are the cheapeast around.  They  serve the shrimp boats and also fuel up the recreational boats as well.  So, we get a good price.  BUT, we planned to depart the marina at 9AM, get the fuel, and depart Brusnswick at 10 AM.  BUT, the boat fueling up at the dock before us had mechanical problems and took 3 hours to get it's business done.  That put us behind the tide and could not negotiate Jeykll Creek's "skinny water" with our draft.  So, back to the marina for another night of laughs with our friends and good pizza at Fox's Pizza Restaurant.

AND, Gale never showed up!  We were very dissapointed because there were more lines on our boat than on geezer's face.  So, it took us a bit longer to untie and get under way this morning.  It was a misty, cloudy, cold run to Fernandina Beach today.  Where's the darn sun and warmth and dry and shorts and t-shirts?

Brunswick, GA is a good size port. Lots of really big ships come in here.

While departing Brunswick we sighted this sunken fishing boat.  It reminded us of the perils we face in this adventure we're on. We pray daily that we make the right decisions, develop and grow our skills and just stay safe.

You! Over there on the left.  Straighten up, suck in that belly.

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