Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Leaves are Turning

It was another Monday night of Dancing With the Stars. That's two in a row - a record for this season. The ratty lounge at the Atlantic Yacht Basin had a television - miraculously, no Monday night football fans showed up to commandeer the TV. Ten competitors left - Vicki is rooting for Donny Osmond. Mya also looks like a tough competitor. And, yes, Norm did partake of the viewing even though he's not a fan of the show (wink, wink).

Heading to Coinjock. The prime rib is reserved. It's a pretty cruise in the ICW - the leaves are starting to turn color. We'll arrive around 2pm - time to do some laundry and cleaning.

During the recent rainy spell Vicki worked days on the computer to ready two applications for health insurance. She submitted them yesterday and should receive a response within the next month. One company wanted health history from the last five years, the other one wanted the last ten years! Fortunately, her medical records are onboard, but it was still a grind to sift through them. And she's been healthy!

Our New Location: Coinjock, NC.


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