Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pizza, Hamburgers and Root Beer Floats

We arrived in Urbanna, VA on Sunday after a very nice 4-hour cruise down the Chesapeake and up the Rappahannock River. Urbanna was an old Tobacco Port as designated by the king of Great Brittan during the colonial days. Tobacco was grown here and traded with Britan for other goods and supplies. Tobacco back then was like money.

Urbanna now is a cutsey, resorty town that is busy in the summer and slowly dies after labor day until the November Oyster Feast. Then it dies for the winter. So, we decided to eat, shop, clean boats and eat. Our first stop was at the Colonial Pizza Restaurant--the only place open on Sunday. Pizza and beer were good and the laughs were plenty.

We then decided to walk back to the boat but Bob and Avie took a shortcut.

The next day was shopping the grand metropolis of Urbanna. More laughs than shopping, but Vicki did purchase a new shirt.
Of course, following the exhaustive shopping spree we got hungry for a snack. There is a drugstore in town with an old fashion soda fountain. So, root beer floats were in order.

We have to drive Avie to the Richmond Airport (about an hour away) on Thursday so we decided to remain here at dock. Winds were holding us up anyway, so it will work out good. AND, the town gave us a break on the cost, it being out of season and all. Tomorrow, Wednesday, we'll drive into Colonial Williamsburg for the day. And Thursday, we'll drop Avie off at the airport and explore Richmond for a couple of hours. We might even have lunch with one of Norm's high school buddies who now lives in the Richmond area.

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