Thursday, June 11, 2009

Still BeeLining North!

Hello Family and Friends,
We have been somewhat delinquent in our blog updates. Please forgive us, as we have been cruising long days and are quite tuckered out upon arriving at the marina or anchorage. Of course, the glass of beer or martini doesn't help either. But, after negotiating shallow and skinny cuts, low bridges, tides, currents and rain, a "bit-o-the-jolly" helps us settle down.

We are currently anchored in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. We have cruised North over 730 miles since arriving West Palm Beach. Only 480 miles to our home port in the Chesapeake which we hope to make by Saturday, June 20. (That's a friendly warning to our friends on Dock B!)

Our buddy boaters, Rick and Lynnie aboard Rickshaw took a slip in the marina tonight so they could have a nice private dinner with Matt, their son. Matt lives pretty close. We will cruise together tomorrow for the last time this trip. Rick and Lynnie hail from Morehead City, our next port o call. Then Tide Hiker will continue North for another week or so. We will miss Rick and Lynnie. They have been great buddy-boaters and more importantly, friends. We hope to be cruising with them again soon even if on land.

We have been getting some vibration at certain RPM's. This is new. So while in Morehead City, we will have a professional diver check out our hull bottom, running gear (props, shafts, struts) and zinc anodes. Hopefully, it's a minor item that can be fixed on the spot. More on this later.......

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