Thursday, April 9, 2009

Empty Cooler

Today's crossing from the Berry Islands to Nassau across the Tongue of the Ocean was smooth sailing. Rick and Norm each put out a fishing pole during the crossing in hopes of catching 'the big one' - actually the big one would be a problem to land, won't fit in the 98-quart fish cooler and would be a pain to filet-- so a 20-pound mahi-mahi would be nice. The big one may have struck Rick's rig (we're learning the cool fishing jargon). It took the whole lure right off the line. And these are no conservative lures -- they're about 6 inches long with yellow and green streamers reminiscent of bicycle handlebar streamers. What fish wouldn't want a morsel like that? The fishing dudes in Hog's Frazer Cay said the fish should be hitting those lures all day long. Maybe this was just the wrong day. Too bad, Norm was all ready with his new gaff, new net, new fish cooler, and ice in the freezer to ice down the fish until it got fileted. Next time.

We're at the Nassau Harbour Club marina where water is $8/day which is cheap in the Bahamas - no kidding. It's typically 20-40 cents/gallon. This is why we invested in a watermaker to make our own H2O onboard from ocean water - quick payback. Electricity is also out of sight in the Bahamas - up to $50/night or 65cents/kw. This is why we anchor out and use our own generator to make electricity. We paid the $8 here for water to wash the boat, but plan to run the generator for power instead of plugging in.

Norm just finished washing the boat and is going to take a stroll around the marina. Think I'll join him.

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