Friday, March 27, 2009

When Will These Winds Stop?

As was mentioned in an earlier blog, we took advantage of the "Ft Lauderdale Area Marine Candy Store". Didn't buy much because we are pretty much provisioned. But, fun to window shop. We departed Lauderdale Marine Center on Tuesday for the trek to Key Biscayne. Of course we had to retrace our tracks down the New River. We made arrangements with the local Diesel Delivery Barge to follow them. That way, they can open the bridges at the right time; and, because they are commercial, they can open bridges during the morning rush hour shut down. As Captain John said, "the Coast Guard doesn't like 6000 gallons of diesel fuel sitting in one place too long--especially near road and RR bridges.
But as great plans go, at 7:30 AM the barge captain said that he was told to go up river for a delivery before going down river. We were on our own. So, we waited till 9:00 AM and completed an uneventful 4 1/2 miles trip back to the Ft Lauderdale Basin. Funny, what a little experience will do for you. Here's a pic of Rickshaw in the New River and a good shot of one of the hair pin turns we had to make.

We arrived Key Biscayne late afternoon looking for a couple of spots in No Name Harbor--a great protected harbor with shore access. But, as we expected, it was stacked up with boats doing the same as us--waiting for a weather window to cross to the Bahamas. So, we sadly moved over to the Key Biscayne Bight for two nights then over to Hurricane Harbor (also a nicely protected area) but, again, no shore access. We dinked over to No Name in the 2-footers and of course arrived drenched. Oh well, that's boating. We did that twice and had lovely lunches with Norm's sister, Joyce. Joyce also transported us around for last minute provisioning. And, she entertained us at her condo with a fine bottle of chardonnay. We looked out over the ocean from her place at the waves and winds. Speaking of which, it has been very windy with high seas for two weeks now. Supposed to get better next week. After consulting with our friends in Marathon, we decided on a departure date, should the weather be as predicted. Hence, our planned date for the crossing will be TUESDAY.

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