Sunday, January 18, 2009

No Name Harbor

We’ve been anchored at No Name Harbor near Key Biscayne since Tuesday. What a great place! Very protected. It’s in Bill Baggs State Park at the tip of Key Biscayne. Wonderful biking and running trails.

We were very excited to spend some quality time with Norm’s sister, Joyce, and get caught up on her life adventures and those of the rest of the family. She introduced us to Cuban coffee, took us to breakfast at the golf club and very generously chauffeured us around for shopping. Joyce and Norm had steaks for lunch at Morton’s – how decadent!

It was Christmas in January courtesy of Joyce’s package delivery service. She served as our mail recipient for Christmas gifts and we had our mail shipped to her, so we got a few Christmas cards in that, too.

Vicki was very excited to be able to drive up to Ft. Lauderdale to see Cindy and Steve Warner on Friday, the day before they boarded their cruise ship. At first, we thought that visit wouldn’t be possible because the park closes at dusk, but it turns out that a code opens the gate, so Vicki could get back in after dark. Cindy and Steve took Vicki to dinner at Aruba – a hoppin’ place on the beach. They were very curious about what it’s REALLY like to live on the boat. Cindy has long held the opinion that the real purpose of the dinghy is to be an alternate living space when one person is banished from the boat. We haven’t tested that out yet, but there may come a time…

Vicki’s niece Aimee arrived yesterday to escape 10-degrees and the hoards of people descending on Washington DC for the inauguration. It will be fun to see what she thinks of life aboard. Perhaps she’ll write a guest blog before leaving for civilization on Wednesday.

Today we’re headed toward Islamorada, then on to Marathon, arriving Tuesday for a stay of a week or two.

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