Sunday, December 14, 2008

When Will It Get Warm?

Our most humble apologies for being absent from the blog for a while. We have been very busy with continuing our cruising south, anchoring, and visiting some historic places. We are currently anchored in a small creek off the Intracoastal Waterway near Hilton Head, SC. It was rated very well by several cruise guides but we have found that the depths are not “as advertised”. Took us a bit to find a safe spot. Anyway, we seem to be ok now.

We spent the last two nights in Beaufort, SC. On our way there, we had to traverse some "skinny cuts" on the Intracoastal Waterway. A cut is a man-made ditch that connects rivers, creeks, etc. Here is a pic of some unlucky sailor who aimed the pointy end on the wrong side of the channel. See what we mean about the depths on this waterway?

Beaufort is a charming small town with a nice marina and staff (only one in this town). There were good restaurants and the weather cooperated, although a bit windy. Come to think of it, it’s been windy for a week. Rick and Lynnie, aboard Rickshaw, stayed behind there to rest up and to complete some on-board chores they have wanted to get done for some time. So, Vicki and I are alone again on our journey south. Here we are just after lunch at one of the local restaurants. Nap time?

We spent the previous two nights in an anchorage just south of Charleston, SC. The weather was not good. So, we did not get the dinghy down. In fact, we were in a very narrow creek and when we spun around as the tidal currents and strong winds (up to 40 knots) changed, we almost found our stern in a patch of sea grass. Storms were present or threatening for the two days. We were glad to be out of there. Rick captured these pictures of a rainbow. It was a perfect arch, but the whole thing is not visible on the camera.

Prior to Charleston, we spent one night in a marina in Ocean Isle, NC because the temps were dropping to 27 degrees. When it gets that cold, we like to be hooked up to dock electricity for running the heaters all night.

Tomorrow we’ll make a short run to Thunderbolt, GA. Thunderbolt is a small town on the Intracoastal Waterway about 7 miles south of Savannah, GA. There we’ll meet with our good friends Wally and Karen Juzenas who will stop to visit while on their family holiday migration North to Milwaukee. We'll also take the bus into Savannah for some sightseeing.

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