Saturday, December 27, 2008

Not so fast about the heat!

We were going to the beach on Christmas Day no matter what! But our plans to enjoy grilled burgers, etc was overshadowed by damp, chilly weather. We went anyway, we just didn't picnic there. We grilled back at the boat. Here's Vicki in her cold weather bathing suit. And, Mike, Norm and Fran securing the adult beverages so sand crabs don't abscond with them. But, the colder temperatures kept the beer cold and the wine chilled. So, after an hour--when the mixed nuts were gone--we headed back to the boat for burgers and to play with our new Christmas toys.

We left St Augustine on Friday, the day after our "sunny beach Christmas day" and continued our journey south--still in search of warmer climes. Our first stop was in the Matanzas River where we anchored in front of an old Spanish Fort. Very pleasant stop.

The temps have improved since then. We're in the 80's, wearing shorts and t-shirts again and enjoying sunny days. Saturday was the Memorial Bridge anchorage in Daytona, yesterday and today we're anchored at Titusville north of the bridge. Today we will tour Cape Canaveral's Kennedy Space complex. This will be a first for Vicki. Norm did it in 2002 while completing the Great Circle Route. (For readers who do not know what that is, it is a 6000 mile circumnavigation of the eastern half of the U.S.) Anyway, Norm is looking forward to the space port again.

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