Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Celebrating the New Year

The celebration of the new year came a day early for us. Rick and Lynnie Tierney caught up with us in Titusville yesterday and we celebrated the new year aboard their boat last night complete with silly hats and champagne. We didn't ever get to the champagne due to a surplus of martinis, so they're saving the bottle of champagne for mimosas when we meet up again. We dined on quarter pound hot dogs they got from Stewart's market in St. Augustine which lived up to their reputation as being scrumptious. We missed Rick and Lynnie - it was fun to get nutty with them again.

Today we traveled almost to Vero Beach and are docked at Jones Fruit Dock from which the 89 year old owner used to sell fruit. In fact he and his wife delivered two grapefruit to us when he came to collect the $20 for the night. We had a lovely conversation with him - we can only hope to be as engaging as he at 89. The Jones' have been selling fruit on this farm for generations. Mr Jones tells us that he has sold fruit to the Queen of England and to many US Presidents. He has had Walter Croncite (sp?), an avid sailor, on his dock and other celebrities. He even had the presidential yacht "Sequoia", a very old Trumpy here. This is a lovely place and perfect for bike riding too. Our dock was surrounded by palm trees full bloom with coconuts. Next time we'll arrive early and go touring.

Tomorrow's run is to Stuart where we'll dock near friends Steve and Di Koch. Steve will help Norm install the watermaker and other fun maintenance items and Vicki has a bunch of projects planned. Stay tuned for the blow-by-blow.

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