Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're Looking Good

The sandbar next to which we are moored kissed us a night ago. At 3:00 a.m. (low tide)we heard a scraping sound – not good. Norm cinched up the mooring line as far as it could go and the boat was still touching the sandbar as it swung. Yesterday afternoon as low tide approached again Norm and Gil (from the yacht club) put out a stern anchor to hold the boat away from the sandbar. That worked wonderfully.

Yesterday was ‘new do’ day – we both got haircuts. Norm’s was administered on the back of the boat using the clippers. He’s now proudly sporting a ‘#1 all over’. This was the second time Vicki had buzzed him and she’s gaining expertise – the hairline is even this time – he’s looking mighty fine. Vicki used a rigorous method of selecting a salon – walked into the first one with their door open, asked how much for a haircut - $15… that’s right, $15! You have to be a bit skeptical about what a $15 haircut will look like, but how can one resist such a bargain? It’ll grow back, right? It actually turned out to be a decent cut.

While Vic was getting the new do, Norm found a store with used DVDs for sale and got 7 for $11. No Academy Award winners in that bunch, for sure. We’ve been scavenging DVDs from whoever we can since we don’t have television and sometimes we want to see a movie and aren’t in a place where we can rent one. Norm’s nephew, Keith, gave us several when we were in Youngstown, including the Abyss –perhaps now the best choice for boaters, but we’re appreciative anyway. Rick and Lynnie brought several when they visited. Mom bought some for Vicki’s birthday and brought them out from Arizona. We’re hoping to be in a marina that has a take-on, leave-one policy so we can exchange the ones we’ve watched for new ones. That’s often the practice for books at marinas, we’re not sure about DVDs.

Good news about the Olympic opening ceremony on DVD – daughter Colleen recorded it and after she and Brian watch it (which we’re sure will be very soon, hint hint), they’ll be shipping it to us. Vicki can’t wait! She missed the Olympic experience a lot. We actually did buy a rabbit ear antenna – after all, Dancing with the Stars will be starting in September. It’s worked decently in some locations and not in others. We’re hoping to be able to see Barack’s acceptance speech this week( a cool moment in history), but if we can’t see it, we can get the speech on XM radio. Unfortunately XM radio is not a back-up for Dancing with the Stars-- Norm is worried that he’ll be shuttling the rabbit ears around the boat deck to get reception and keep it when the boat swings on Monday nights!

We’re heading to dock at Donnell’s Marina on the York River today. We were there in June, but missed seeing the swinging bridge. We’ll do that today and some laundry.

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