Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cruising with the Tierney's

This blog is a joint effort by Vicki, Norm, Lynnie and Rick:

Friends Rick and Lynnie joined us in Portland on Tuesday. They’ll be with us for about two weeks. It’s already Sunday and time is flying.

We provisioned on Tuesday afternoon using their car which is now parked at the marina. Discovered that it’s easier to navigate Portland with a map than without. Kudos to Lynnie for spotting the Enterprise car rental and grabbing a map from them.

Wednesday got off to a rocky start when the water went out on Vicki in mid-shower. Norm had changed from dock water to tank water and forgotten to throw one switch, then left to take a walk. Lynnie saved the day by filling water bottles from the dock for Vicki to rinse with. The day improved with a beautiful cruise to Five Islands Maine on the Sheepscot River.

Thursday we ran in heavy fog and decided to bail out early at Boothbay Harbor. Took the dinghy into town for a lobster dinner which was delicious. On the way to Boothbay Harbor the lobster trap buoys were everywhere, and Capt. Norm did an excellent job of picking a path through the “Crayola” field with aplomb.

Friday we ran in fog again for the 4-hour run to Tenants Harbor. Jamie Wyeth (famous painter) owns the estate on the point. His studio is in the pyramidal building which was a bell tower. As the launch was taking us to town, the launch driver pointed out Jamie’s boat moored in the harbor, and we saw Jamie and two dogs in his dinghy.

Saturday was on to Rockland—yes in dense fog all the way—1/8 mile visibility. Fortunately, the route was in deep water and there were not many other boats out. Lots of cool galleries in town. Also the Farnsworth Museum which has a lot of paintings from the Wyeth family, but we didn’t visit – our art appreciation sensibilities are not that well developed. Instead of the Farnsworth, we chose to appreciate the largest iron lobster sculpture in the universe.

Today there is no fog and we’ll be cruising the Fox Islands Thoroughfare in Penobscot Bay and anchoring in Carver’s Cove with Jeff and Karen Siegel and friends of theirs. We plan to spend the next week in Penobscot Bay and then back to Portland to drop off Lynnie and Rick. We’ll leisurely head south from there, arriving in Delaware sometime in October or November.

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