Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bad Luck, Good Luck

Yesterday we rented a car and drove to Lynn, Massachusetts – home of Vicki’s ancestor, John Cooper, when he arrived from England in 1635. We went to the Lynn Museum and Historical Society which, contrary to their posted hours, was closed. Serious bummer. Vicki had hoped to surprise her Dad with something from the historical society for his birthday. He’ll just have to be happy with a tie (just kidding, Dad).

Next was a kayak purchase. Vic had researched kayaks and decided on the Frenzy model by Ocean Kayak – it’s short (to fit on the boat deck), light (for ease of deployment), a sit-on-top (for ease of stepping in and out from the back of the boat), it’s stable and will tote stuff, and it’s relatively inexpensive. Vicki finagled a good deal. We intended to purchase the kayak from the Kittery Trading Post. Vicki had spoken with the manager over the phone beseeching her to offer the Labor Day sale price before Labor Day, but the manager wouldn’t budge. We decided to buy it anyway because we had a way of getting it to the boat (a car), and we could get it on the boat because we were at dock, and the price was still lower than REI’s price, and the Frenzy model has been difficult to find along the coast, so we weren’t sure when all of these stars would align again. As we were driving toward the Kittery Trading Post, we happened upon a West Marine and had to stop (of course). It turns out that the store will be closing in a month making them susceptible, we hoped, to bargaining. Sure enough, Vicki told them about the sale price at Kittery, offered the same amount, and we had a deal. What great luck! Norm was challenged to fit the kayak in the speck of a car we had rented, and he succeeded as you can see! All we had to do then was avoid any uniformed traffic police since the Frenzy stuck out the back of the car longer than the length of the car. At least it seemed that way. We did get it to the marina with no problems and stowed it up on the boat deck.

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