Monday, June 30, 2008

Tranquil Anchorage

It was tough getting into this basin. Look at the lobster trap bouys blocking the access. It's like dodge ball.

It’s Monday evening. We spent yesterday and today anchored in The Basin of Casco Bay, Maine. See pic left. The wave heights kept us here. We’ll travel north tomorrow to Castine Bay if the waves cooperate. It will be a long haul of 12 hours – leaving at 6 a.m. if there’s no fog.

This is a very picturesque rural part of Maine populated by small fishing and lobstering communities. We visited two by dinghy yesterday – Sebasco and Cundy’s Harbor. Took a long walk in Sebasco from the town to the nearby resort. Took a short walk in Cundy’s Harbor from the fuel dock to the local eatery for a yummy dinner. Lobster, of course. The remaining pictures below are of the surrounding shores and displays the 10-ft tides very well.
Today was a day of paperwork, phone calls and puttering on the boat. And, Robin made scrumptous enchiladas (Tijuana Taxi's).
We initiated our first mail deliveries today to friends of Robin and Jim who live in Castine Bay. Mail is coming from our official address in Florida and the UPS Mailbox which was our address in Delaware. Norm is also having some parts delivered directly. The mail service we’re using in Florida is very popular with cruisers. The set up is wonderful. Each day we can log on to see the mail we’ve received. Each envelope is scanned. We take a look and indicate what we want done with it: shred it, place it in our ‘send’ folder, scan the contents, or just hold onto it until we figure out what to do with it. The items that we request to be scanned are available the next day in a PDF file for us to view the envelope contents. The scanning feature will cut costs tremendously, particularly when we’re out of the country and want to avoid international UPS costs.

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